5 Uses of Capacitor | Charging and Discharging 2024

5 Uses of capacitor

In this blog post, you will learn about capacitors, the 5 uses of capacitor, charging and discharging in a capacitor and much more. So, keep reading until the end of the blog post to get all the necessary information. Now let’s take a closer look at what a capacitor is. What is a Capacitor? A … Read more

Unlocking Diodes and their Applications

diodes and its applications

Introduction Diodes are semiconductor devices. Semiconductor devices are those types of devices that can conduct electricity between conductors and insulators. Diodes are the most popular semiconductor devices used in electronics. Diodes are made up of two types of semiconductor material mainly Silicon and Germanium. Now, let’s dive into the world of diodes and their applications. … Read more

When transistors are used in digital circuits?

transistors in digital circuits

Introduction Transistors play a very important role in modern electronics. Transistors are used for amplifying the signal, switching circuits etc. Transistors work similarly to water taps, when we open the tap then water flows through the tap. Similarly, when we provide a small voltage to the base terminal the transistor is switched on and the … Read more

How do batteries produce electricity?

batteries produce electricity

Have you ever wondered how the battery provides electricity to the load connected to it? If not then this blog will tell you how batteries produce electricity. Here, you will get to know about types of batteries, charging and discharging, recycling process etc. What is the battery? A battery is a device that is used … Read more

7 Leading Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

Introduction The semiconductor industry is a critical component of modern technology, powering devices that have become an integral part of our daily lives. In India, several companies have risen to importance in semiconductor manufacturing, contributing significantly to the country’s technological advancement. This article explores some of the leading semiconductor manufacturing companies in India, highlighting their … Read more